Saturday, April 30, 2011


hoorraayy !!!!

at here i wanna eat a lot of 
yuuhhuu !!
coz so long i didn't eat
but im friking cooll 
like a bitch !
but i so happy enjoy with my famili !
huhu . .
love u dad , mom , sista & my grandmother !
i won't forget it !
hee ~

Thursday, April 28, 2011

about kak wowwa !!

kak wowwa !
tengsz a lot coz u apologize me !
i hope u not hate me 
& not angry with me !
i hope we can frendz for eva !
i promise with u that i wanna 
change my attitude !
n i promise to MYSELF !!
hee ~

               TENGSZ KAK WOWWA !

about my chubby ! natalie woodworth !!

nattty don't do the stupid things kk !
i scared sumethingsz will happen with u natty !
if u love me ,don't do anythingsz that dangerouse !
i love u natty !!
so i begging u !
don't do the stupid thingsz kk !!
i love u natty !!

                                            LOVE NATALIE !!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

about me ! who eating a lot at skull !

today when i stayback for marching ,

before we start our marching , i eat
8 biskut chocolate !
huh ?
imposible right ?
i never eat like that before ?
i eat a lot !
but i slill maintain !
im not fat or anything else !
hee ~
but if i didn't eat a lot ,
i will hungry !
what can i do ?
i need to eat a lot !
hurm :(

        urm i thing this only i wanna write !
ok la ! nonthing to say dy !
haha . . .
                         BYE BYE DEAR !

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

about me n my feven at skull 2day !!!

today time we practise 4 our marching !!
im very lucky coz i didn't kena with teacher !!
haha . . 
but i kena with my sergantcoperal kak huda !
hmm :(
i n my feven miera !
we need to pumping !
haha ..
i like to pumping !
coz people will look at i n miera !
this is about hanies plak !
hanies is a funny gurlz who like to make a nonsence things !!
but we always fight !!
this is about natalie !
natalie is a chubby gurlz !
when she run , her hair will move also !
soe cute when she run !
haha . .
this is about adriana !
i n adrianar talking about ours justin bieber !
we r talking until we kena mra with our teacher !
haha . . .
this is about tehah !
tehah is a small girlz !
she so cute !
vut just now she fight with indian group !
arrrghh !
fighting like a children only !
haha . .
n the last is about me !
katty !
im a crazy gurlz !
haha  . . 
i like to make a stupid things !
n i cant stand properly mia !
i like owg gyla !
seriusly i x bley dok diam2 mia la !
coz im so active gurlz thts y i cant stand properly !
haha . .

urm i thing enough of that la !
coz i x lrat da !
ok la !
dont no wat to say dy !!

          LUV U ALL GUYS !!

Monday, April 25, 2011

hanies sajaa !!

my feven hanies sajaa !!
i hope tht we notr fighting anymores !!
coz i love all my feven !
included u hanies sajaa !
btw kesian at ang coz ang x dpt on9 when ang ada nan parents ang !
haha . .
x pa x pa , on9 when depa smua x da !
biaq kita bley chatt rmai2 !!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

my bff !!!

my dear !
natalie karen woodworth !
i love u so much natty !
sory coz i didn't go to ur house yesterday at 23 april 2011 
hope u not angry with me natty !
i promise when i come back from cameron higlands
i will go to ur house !
so sory natty  !
love u so much natalie karen woodworth !!!!

                                LOVE YOU NATTY  !!                  

katty w0rld !

hey ! im back to creat my blog back !
this is the right night to creat my new 
blog .
coz so long i never open my blog ,
tonight i will write about me , myseft n i
my real name is siti nur khatijah .
my age is 13
my hobby is on9 , chatting , playing badminton ,
            playing basketball n hearing music
i always with my music !
my future is i wanna be a good person , n i wanna going 
to help my parents !

                  KATTY W0RLD !!

about adriana azzian !!

my dear adriana azzian !!
how about u ?
when u r not in scool on the day 
that u didn't came to school ,
1 arif clazz was so lonely . . :(
when u r in school ,
1 arif clazz was very 
happy :)
we all <3 u 
adriana azzian !!
included me katty !
hee ~

                LOVE ADRIANA AZZIAN !